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    Pearl Coating has emerged amongst praiseworthy industrial paint manufacturers in India. It was established in 1995 with its headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra. Soon after its commencement, the company established a reputation as a customer-centric organization. Building long standing relationships with their clients has ensured continuous growth of the company.

    How Pearl Coating has become the leading lacquer manufacturer in Pune

    Pearl Coating offers a wide variety of lacquers, paints and sealing products. The company is well known in providing a range of vacuum metallising lacquers, anticorrosive paints & primers and heat resistant paints. These products are widely used in automotive OEMs, packaging industries and foundries. The company delivers their products in bulk orders to clients pan-India as well as international clients.

    The products boast an extended shelf life and are delivered by the company in impermeable and watertight packaging. The company ensures the usage of precise compositions of raw materials in the making of their products and also guarantees zero impurities. Pearl Coating has earned itself the reputation of turning out to be the best lacquer supplier in Pune. Raw materials for all the products are obtained from standard suppliers and also confirms that the raw materials are equivalent to the standards that they are in search of. They have a dedicated as well as steadfast research and development laboratory where the existing products are tested upon to guarantee highest product qualities.

    Pearl Coating has made a considerable investment of resources to ensure that they have high-tech fabrication and research facilities. The company is backed by an efficient workforce comprising of a qualified and committed team of professionals who make sure that the products manufactured are parallel with the international levels. Pearl Coating always tries to maintain cordial relationships with all its patrons owing to their translucent dealings in business. The company is supported by a well-trained team of semi-skilled employees who carry out their tasks diligently. They have engaged an external organisation of dedicated, skilled individuals whose role is to ensure that the best quality standards and practices are maintained in all departments of the company while ensuring appropriate safety regulations. It shows that Pearl Coating goes the extra mile when it comes to providing flawless and the best quality final products to their clients.

    Pearl Coating focuses on maintaining its position as a leading lacquer manufacturer in Pune as well as in India. The company works towards achieving newer horizons in the future. Their product range serves clients from all sorts of industries like:

    • Defense sector
    • Automobile manufacturing industry
    • Heavy equipment manufacturing industry
    • Packaging industries, etc.

    Pearl Coating works together with its customers to find the right product fit for their different industrial uses. The company specialists strive to provide optimized tailor-make solutions and products to its customers to retain their trust and cement its position as a reliable coating solution provider.